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Creating calm in the chaos with worry-free bookkeeping.

I’m Annie, founder + head bookkeeper here at Atlas Bookkeeping Co!

Bookkeeping is a never ending task. 

But what if you never had to do it again?

I help business owners like you embrace numbers, increase profits, and stress way less with monthly money management.

Even if thinking about your business finances makes you sweat like a HIIT workout in July...

It is possible to feel empowered, encouraged, and excited by your numbers. And I want to help you get there. 

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Christine Penman
Owner, The Functional Training Studio

Working with Annie & Atlas Bookkeeping has taken such a load off my shoulders! She has allowed me to get organized and focus on other ways I can make my business more efficient. She has been extremely helpful in every interaction and always has a lovely demeanor. Thank you for not only making bookkeeping a less stressful process but inspiring a passion for my business's numbers!

This isn’t where I thought I’d end up...

My first job after high school started as simple administration. But it didn’t take long for me to start doing all the books.

I wanted to be a math teacher. So I started college as a math major and took a job as an office manager while I was in school. Guess who did the books?

Eventually, I gave in a little and started a temporary accounting job while I finished my degree. I worked my way up to staff accountant and stayed there until starting Atlas in 2020.

God kept putting me where I could use the gifts He gave me.

But now, I'm where I'm called to be.

I must be, because I spent years accidentally taking all the right steps to get here while pursuing anything else.

I’m blessed to spend every day helping people treat numbers like a tool, not a threat so they can run empowered, profitable businesses with calm confidence.

Besides crunching your numbers, I love fitness (jiu jitsu, anyone?), baking bread (the irony is not lost on me here), and hanging with my husband and our two dogs.

I want to help ease your day-to-day by taking the books off your plate so you can spend your time where it counts. Whether that’s baking bread or building a business. (Or both.)

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Time is your most valuable resource.

Instead of spending hours each week doing your own books, you could...
  • Put your energy into revenue-building activities you love.
  • Go on a walk to clear your head or make a mid-day coffee run.
  • Hang out with your family without the “I’m forgetting something” feeling.

All while feeling confident that you and your books are well taken care of.

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