Burned out on bookkeeping?

Knowing your numbers just became effortless.

From “do it later” to “already done” without crunching a number.

Do my books!

Maximize profit & minimize stress with meaningful monthly bookkeeping.

No more…

  • Spending time you don’t have doing your own books when you could spend it doing… anything else.
  • Feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or confused by your numbers.
  • Putting off your bookkeeping until tax time, then doing a mad-dash to catch up. (Only to wonder if you did it right.)

Stay in the know and out of the weeds with easy, accurate financial reports sent straight to your inbox every month.

Monthly bookkeeping starts at $400

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What's included:

Simple, sleek, easy-to-read reports emailed to you once a month like clockwork.

1:1 Voxer access so you can ask questions, get advice, and celebrate your wins

Personalized insights and progress updates on your financial goals.

Sofia Maspons

Owner, Fooshoo

I only have positive things to say about Annie and Atlas Bookkeeping. I run a very small business as a one-woman operation and have felt completely supported and encouraged by the quarterly reports. By having a clearer picture of my business, I have felt confident in investing in areas of the business that are aligned with my values, and have also been comfortable taking time away to focus on my personal life because I have a very clear picture of where my business stands. The peace of mind provided by an excellent bookkeeper cannot be understated. I would highly recommend Annie and Atlas Bookkeeping to anyone looking for a better understanding of where their business stands from a friendly, open and professional bookkeeper!

It’s time to hire a bookkeeper if…

  • Your sales are taking off and you’re overwhelmed trying to keep up. (Growth is fun! Constantly updating spreadsheets is not.)
  • You’ve put it off for weeks or months, and now you don’t know how to catch up. (Waaay more normal than you think.)
  • You’re using your bank balance to keep track of what you make and spend. (Psst... Making decisions based on what you think your numbers are isn’t helping.)
  • You spend more than an hour per month doing your own books. (Yes, even if you know what you’re doing, or *gasp*, like doing it. You have better things to do.)
  • You want someone in your corner to guide you, answer your questions, and give you objective opinions. (And remind you to save for & pay quarterly taxes.)

CFO Services

An elevated bookkeeping experience for CEOs who want to create a long-lasting, profitable business with confidence.

In addition to the reports & Voxer access you get with monthly bookkeeping, CFO services include…

  • Visual reports that make your numbers clearer and even easier to digest. (Plus it’s fun to see where your money is coming from!)
  • Monthly budgeting and cash flow forecasting so you can make strategic financial decisions and business investments to maximize profit and plan for the future.
  • 1:1 CFO calls every month to discuss your budget, potential revenue changes, sales goals and milestones, and the fact that you’re totally crushing it.
  • Customized savings & debt pay down plan so you can feel confident that your money is going exactly where it will benefit you the most.

CFO Services are perfect for you if...

  • Your sales are growing consistently each month and you want someone to help you decide what financial decisions will benefit your business long-term.
  • You want a deep understanding of your business finances without having to do any of the books yourself.
  • You want more out of your monthly reports so you can start planning for the future with confidence.

CFO Services start at $750

Includes monthly bookkeeping

Be my CFO!

Brian Riskas

Owner, RMD Systems

Atlas Bookeeping Co. has been a great asset to our business. Annie is easy to work with, and is prompt with communication and services. Having her handle our bookeeping needs has allowed me to focus on our customers and employees, and continue growing our business.

Business Health Check

Still unsure if monthly bookkeeping is the right investment for your business?

Get a 1:1 financial wellness assessment & plan of action from a professional bookkeeper without the monthly commitment.



  • Diagnostic check of your books and business vital signs, including a profitability assessment.
  • Detailed documentation of findings & personalized recommendations.
  • 60-minute 1:1 call to discuss what I found and answer your questions + a recording of the call to reference later.

A Business Health Check is for you if…

  • You’re experiencing a transition in your business and want to make sure things are in order.
  • You’ve been DIY’ing for a long time and want to feel confident things are done correctly.
  • You need a second set of eyes before you give your tax information to your CPA.       
I want this!

Back Pocket Bookkeeper

DIY'ing your books but looking for trusted support to ask all your bookkeeping questions?

It's like having a bookkeeper in your pocket, because you pretty much will have a bookkeeper in your pocket (in the form of a handy dandy smartphone app!)

$37/ month or $299 annually (save $49!)


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Dying to DIY?

The Money Mapper helps you do your own books in less time with more confidence. 

Yes, it’s as easy as it sounds.

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