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Taking care of books while you’re taking care of business.

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Reclaim your time & peace of mind with modern monthly bookkeeping.

You became an entrepreneur to be your own boss, not your own bookkeeper.

Embrace your CEO status with sleek, easy-to-understand financial reports sent to your inbox every month so you can invest your time where it counts.

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Imagine a world where you’re…

  • Feeling confident that your business is profitable long-term because you see real proof every month. (Numbers don’t lie. That’s why we love them.)
  • Scaling your business and increasing profit without worrying about how to keep track of it all. (Or stressing about the IRS.)
  • Spending nights & weekends with family instead of the chat-bot inside your accounting software. (Saturdays are for silky sheets, not spreadsheets.)
  • Unbothered by tax season because you know your books are organized, updated, and 100% accurate. (Never wondering if you’ve saved enough to pay.)
  • Knowledgeable and excited about your finances, using your reports to make strategic & profitable decisions. (All without having to crunch a single number.)
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Monthly Bookkeeping & CFO Services

Get sleek & simple financial reports delivered to your inbox every month & finally cross “bookkeeping” off your to-do list forever.

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Business Health Check

 Find out where your business stands financially so you can start making strategic decisions that increase profit. No monthly fee required.

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Back Pocket Bookkeeper

 1:1 Voxer support for dedicated DIY’ers. Get access to on-demand answers to your money questions from a pro bookkeeper.

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Annie's bookkeeping work has been a huge asset to my business. She's helped me get more organized, I'm aware of monthly expenses and profits, she's helped me cut unneeded costs and keeps my books up to date. I cannot recommend her enough for your bookkeeping needs. Your business and life will flow with so much more ease!

Heathar Shepard, Client

Taking fear out of finances

Everyone’s money story is different, but if navigating your business finances makes your jaw clench and your heart pound… 

You’re not alone.

But finances don’t have to be frustrating.

My goal is to empower, encourage, and educate entrepreneurs like you through meaningful money management.

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Dying to DIY?

The Money Mapper helps you do your own books in less time with more confidence.

Yes, it’s as easy as it sounds.

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